Welcome The Official Home Page Of Larkin Love!

Hello, everyone.  My name is Larkin Love,  I’m an indie adult film producer, fetish actress, erotic model, professional dominatrix, and all-around fetish expert.  I made this site myself as a means of staying close to my fans and fellow erotic artists.  

Red Dress Portrait

Indie porn is one part self-expression, one part twisted sexual deviance, and one part exhibitionism.  It’s about saying “YES!” to what turns you on.  It’s about deleting inhibitions and shamelessly welcoming pleasure.   It’s a telepathic message from one lover to another, using digital media to bridge the gap.  Find fresh, exclusive erotica in My Clip Stores.  I have fetish and hardcore videos in every flavor imaginable.  Check out the 100+ categories of sexy smut films that I have written, directed, and performed in myself.  Come on, baby, download something that gets you hot and let’s play!

My Femdom video clips have grabbed the internet by the balls.  In a good way, of course.  You know I wouldn’t hurt you – unless you happen to like that sort of thing.  (wink wink, nudge nudge)  I am a versatile dominant female, capable of projecting sinister sensuality, concupiscent cruelty, and everything in between.  If you’re a naughty lass or lad in need of a little discipline, I have just the place for you:  Queen Bitch Larkin

And don’t forget that I create Custom Erotic Videos for my fans.  What’s your special fantasy?  What have you always wanted to see me perform on screen?  Now is your chance to hop in the director’s seat.  Together, we can create a unique piece of video erotica tailored specifically to your design.  Here’s an interesting fact:  over 200 of the clips in my vast Clip Store Library started out as Custom Videos.