Update for 7/26/15 - Supergirl vs Powergirl: Forced Orgasms In The Mausoleum

The evil alien, Brainiac, has gained control of Power Girl's mind.  Our favorite heroine is acting decidedly wicked.  She subdues Supergirl and ties her up with Kryptonite rope, then forces her to orgasm again and again with a devious sexual device.  Will Supergirl break free and be able to recover her honor?  Will Power Girl ever return to her senses?  Watch and find out!


Update for 7/25/15 -The Ultimate Revenge

I've been sleeping with Star's boyfriend behind her back. Now that he wants to marry me instead of her, she's planning the ultimate revenge!   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

Update for 7/22/15 - A Hopeless Case Of Micro Penis

Your wife tells me that your penis can't satisfy her. I'm going to have to examine your sexual response.   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

Update for 7/19/15 - Supergirl vs Powergirl: The Tables Turn

Supergirl is the victim of mind control! How will Power Girl get out of this one?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

Update for 7/19/15 - Ride And Pop Inflatable Horses

My big, bouncy inflatable horses are so cute!  Too bad I have a mean streak in me today.  Even if they survive me riding them as hard as I can, they won't survive an encounter with my cigarette!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

Update for 7/17/15 - Cum Eating Academy, Lesson 3

I'm very pleased with the outcome of your first two training sessions.  Let's see just how good of a cum-eater you can be.  Think you can handle the attention of two Dommes at once?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW.

Update for 7/15/15 - Stepbrother's Handjob Denial

You want me to jerk you off with my slick, shiny latex gloves, bro?  Be careful what you wish for.  You should have remembered to ask if you could cum at the end! Join now.

Update for 7/12/15 -Hooray For Boobies

A naughty cheerleader uniform, a can of whipped cream, and my luscious tits.  How can you go wrong?  Join now.

Update for 7/09/15 - Don't Pop My Boobs!

My boobs are so swollen and overinflated.  They feel like they could burst at any minute.  You have to be gentle with them, or they just might pop!  How much pressure can my poor titties take?  Join now.

Update for 7/06/15 - 60 sec To Blow Your Load


My tits are so sexy, so phenomenal, so legendary, they can turn any guy into a minuteman.  Don't believe me? Watch me work my magic - but don't you dare touch your cock until I tell you to.  I'm going to tease your cock harder than it's ever been teased before.  Join now.