Update for 7/01/15 - Bound Face-licking Torture


I've got Randy right where I want her - tied to the railing with her arms behind her back.  I can't wait to have my way with her.  First, I undo the buttons on her blouse, exposing her big round tits.  Then, I cover my long serpentine tongue with spit and lick her face.  Poor Randy is powerless to stop me!  Join now.

Update for 6/29/15 - Forced To Serve Superior Cock


There are two kinds of men in this world: Alphas and betas.  Alphas have the kind of cocks that give women pleasure.  But betas like you, with your tiny little pricks, exist to facilitate sexual intercourse between the Alpha and the woman.  You'll learn to use your mouth, your hands, and even your ass to simulate the Alpha male's superior cock.  Join now and I'll show you how.

Update for 6/25/15 - Drunk Step Mom Breastfeeds Son


Okay, I'll admit that I drank too much at the party.  My stepson is such a worrywart, wanting me to take it easy.  Just to tease him I put his hand on my cleavage. To my surprise, my shy son gives my titty a firm squeeze.  He can't hide his arousal.  His hands feel so good, I just have to feel his mouth on my nipples.  Join now.

Update for 6/23/15 - Sissy Baby For Life


"Real sissy baby girls wanted for live-in nursery. Only SERIOUS applicants need apply."  It all sounded like so much fun in the beginning.  But once you arrived at my place, I swiftly knocked you out and everything changed.  My specialty is to turn dabbling "adult baby" men into full time, life long sissy baby girls.  Join now.

Update for 6/20/15 - Girls Makeout Outdoors


I love kissing my friend, Randy.  Her lips are so soft, and her tongue is almost as long as mine, and very delicious.  We love sloppy kisses, and after a while, we get so turned on, we pull each other's breasts out of our sundresses.  Join now and watch us lick eachother.

Update for 6/18/15 - 14 Day Cum In Face Challenge


So you like a challenge, do you?  This one is not for erotic challenge beginners, nor the faint of heart.  I'll explain it all to you before we begin - the virtues of delayed and denied orgasm, the physiological effects of consuming one's own cum, and much more.  Join now.

Update for 6/16/15 - Office Slut Gets Creampied


I'm working late at the office, still wearing my business clothes, when I hear a strange noise.  Someone's breaking in!  The sinister intruder ties me to a chair and molests my breasts, pinching, slapping, bouncing, and rubbing oil all over them.  Before I know it, I'm begging him to fuck me on the break-room table!  Join now.

Update for 6/12/15 - Damn You're Huge!


Ok, so I lied. I didn't invite you over here because I'm having car trouble. I invited you over because I need to know the truth . . . OH MY GOD, IS THAT THING REAL? Wow! It's so tempting, and yet so intimidating.  Stroke your giant dick for me until you cum all over my tits!  Join now.

Update for 6/10/15 - Craving French Kisses


Lynn Pops has the most delicious lips. I can't stop thinking about them - perfect, pink and candylike.  I just have to kiss her. I can't help myself!  She really knows how to use her mouth to turn me on.  Before I can so much as speak, Lynn flicks her tongue over my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.   Join now.

Update for 6/8/15 - Blow Up My Boobs Until They Burst!


Doctor, I came to your office today because I'm a little concerned about my boob job.  Make my breasts smaller right now! I can't handle these giant jugs. What's that? You have to hook a pump up to my titties? Oh, it has a reverse function? Ok . . . wait a minute.  They're getting bigger!   Join now.