Flutter-Shy Tries To Eat You Whole

Category: Cosplay

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added on 28 April 2015

Flutter-shy has invited you over for tea and magic practice. Today's lesson: the "Want It, Need It" spell. "Be careful," she warns you. "It's a pretty difficult spell, and can go wrong if you don't have perfect concentration." Oh no! Somethings gone wrong. Now you're shrinking to a fraction of your size, and the Want It, Need It spell has taken effect on Flutter-shy! Now she wants you more than anything . . . and that means eating you whole! She licks you all over with her long pony tongue. Mmm, you taste delicious. She'll do anything to get close enough to swallow you whole. VORE - TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH -VIRTUAL BLOWJOB - SWALLOWING/DROOLING - COSPLAY - COSTUMES - TOPLESS - BIG TITS - MASTURBATION - ROPE BONDAGE

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