Cum On My Tongue!

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Cum On My Tongue


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Violet lipstick sets the stage for an oral seduction. Let’s appease your hunger for my mouth right here, right now. Watch me coax your dick into a rigid, throbbing state without laying so much as a finger on your body. My lips and tongue do all the work. Dripping wet and serpentine, my tongue is 8 centimeters of pure sex. Watch me flex and undulate my mouth’s finest muscle for you. Thick drops of saliva drip from the tip. Just like the precum I see beading up on the tip of your cock. Stroke your cock as I lick my lavender lips. See how I pout and press my pillow lips? I want to excite you. Listen to my voice. Follow my instructions. I’ll bring you to an incredible climax, and when it’s time for you to cum, I’m begging you – please cum on my tongue. Coat my mouth with your red-hot seed. I want to taste you with every inch of tongue I’ve got!

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