Coat My Throat And Tongue

Category: Mouth and Tongue

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added on 07 May 2015

Watch me open my warm, wet mouth as wide as I can. See how I can make my long tongue broad and flat? It's the perfect landing pad for a hot load of cum. I'm so good at catching cum, I can even furl my tongue into a cup to hold more sperm. I want your load so bad, I'm positively drooling for it. I know your balls are full to overflowing at this point. Stroke yourself for me and milk that cock into my open waiting mouth. I'll use my fingers to pull my cheeks back so you can coat my entire throat, tonsils, and tongue. Mmm, you like it when I beg, don't you . . . TONGUE FETISH - MOUTH FETISH - DIRTY TALK - CUM IN MOUTH FANTASIES - PULLING BACK CHEEKS - UVULA AND TONSILS - THROAT FETISH - BEGGING FOR CUM

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