Blow Up My Boobs Until They Burst

Category: Breast Expansion

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added on 03 June 2015

Doctor, I came to your office today because I'm a little concerned about my boob job. Before the operation, I told you I didn't want to go too big. Just a C cup would be fine. But when I woke up, you had given me a set of Double D cups! You told me they fit my proportions better. I was skeptical at first, but when I saw the effect they had on my boyfriend and all the men who saw me, I was thrilled with the result. Then, when I came in for my follow up appointment, you told me you needed to add even MORE silicone to the implants "for the health of the breast." I agreed reluctantly. You said you'd only add a little, but instead you inflated this balloons up to an F cup! Doctor, I want you to fix my titties. Make my breasts smaller right now! I can't handle these giant jugs. What's that? You have to hook the pump back up to my titties? Oh, it has a reverse function? Ok . . . wait a minute. My boobs aren't getting smaller! They're getting bigger! You tricked me again! You know what, fine. Pump these milkers up to full size. Fill them up until they burst. I don't want to resist any more. Use the whole drum of silicone and make them explode! BREAST EXPANSION - BODY INFLATION - BIG TITS - GROWTH FETISH - BLOUSE FETISH - DOCTOR/PATIENT - MEDICAL FETISH - ROLE PLAY

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