Don't Pop My Boobs!

Category: Breast Expansion

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added on 12 July 2015

Ok, I know you said you had a surprise for me. So what is it? Why do you have me tied to this table, anyway? It's not very comfortable on my huge, swollen, overinflated boobs. Why don't you untie me now? I can't seem to free myself. Hey, what are you doing?! Get your foot away from me! If you step on my tits, they won't be able to handle the pressure! They'll pop! Oh my god . . . that's what you want, isn't it. You're trying to pop my titties! No, no, you can't! Please don't! I'll do anything! Don't pop my boobs! They're so deliate and sensitive! And they're so big and full! They're sure to burst! Contains the following erotic elements: BREAST EXPANSION - STRUGGLING - TIT BUSTING -TOPLESS - BIG TITS

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