Power Girl Busts Out

Category: Cosplay

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added on 15 December 2014

Earth's yellow sun has magnificent effects on Kryptonians - super strength, invulnerability, and . . . a mammary growth spurt? It's true, Power Girl is going through some extra physical development recently. Her street clothes don't fit over her massive breasts anymore. You can see them growing even larger and heavier by the second. The buttons on her blouse strain and threaten to pop while her soft cleavage pops right out of her bra. Even her superheroine costume can't take the pressure! Every move she makes, and her swelling bosom keeps falling out of the window in her top! And her boobs are still getting even bigger! Will our intrepid heroine stop the inevitable nip slip? Watch and find out! SUPERHEROINES - GROWTH FETISH - BREAST EXPANSION - BIG TITS - BOUNCING BOOBS - NIP SLIP - COSTUMES - COSPLAY - JIGGLE - BREAST FETISH -BLONDE

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