Eat Cum, Or Else!

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added on 27 February 2015

Ever since you became engaged to my sister and met the rest of her family, there's been sexual attention between you and I. Let's face it. You can't take your eyes off of my big, bountiful breasts. You've been staring at my cleavage this entire time, haven't you!? Hah, I knew it! To be honest, I sometimes wear low-cut outfits just to catch your eye. Now that your new bride has gone out shopping and left us alone in the house, come a little closer and take a good look at what you've been coveting. It's ok. You can pull your dick out. I know you want to play with it. Come on, I want to see what you're working with! Atta boy. Mmm, I'm going to show you just how seductive my tits can be. Look, they slip out of my dress so easily. I love watching you get harder by the moment as I play with my little pink nipples. Enjoying yourself, honey? HAH, you sure are stupid. See my cell phone over there? I've had it recording us the entire time. Gee, it sure would fuck up your marital bliss if your new wife found out you wanted to pound her sister! But it doesn't have to be like that. If you want this to stay our little secret, all you have to do is follow my instructions. I want you to jerk off for me. Stroke yourself off just like I tell you, and no cumming allowed until I give you the countdown. When you spunk, I want you to shoot into your own hand, and then - this is the important part - lick your palm clean. That's right, bitch. You have to lap up your own sperm right in front of me, or pay the price of shame. Which is it going to be? CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - BLACKMAIL - HOMEWRECKER - JERK-OFF INSTRUCTION - FEMDOM - HUMILIATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - FEMDOM POV - JOI - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

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