Therapist Implants Gay Anal Fantasies

Category: Bisexual Training

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added on 16 February 2015

After a few weeks of my therapy sessions, your body starts to relax the minute you see me raise my pocket watch. I swing it back and forth slowly while coaxing your conscious mind into a deep slumber. I love watching your eyes glaze over and face go slack as you gradually become completely powerless and completely susceptible to my commands. Once you're in a deep trance, I twist your defenseless state by tweaking your sexuality to my specifications. In previous sessions I not only turned you into a cock hungry fag, but a size queen too! Your lust for thick, meaty dicks and hot loads of cum is nearly off the charts! But your training as a gay man-slut isn't over yet. There's one more task to instill upon your naked subconscious. I know that during your former heterosexual life, you never ventured into receptive anal play. That changes now. While you are at your most vulnerable, I command you to violate the last taboo spot on your body - your virgin asshole. Through discomfort and shame, you find yourself probing and stretching your tender hole with your fingers, preparing it for the inevitable fucking it will soon receive. I command you to stroke your cock at the same time, thereby creating an indelible association between having your ass fucked and dick stroked. By the end of our training, you'll be so addicted to the sensation of having your ass filled and stretched that you'll never be able to cum without it again! Enjoy your new existence as a "catcher," butt boy! BISEXUAL TRAINING - MAGIC CONTROL - SWINGING WATCH TRANCE INDUCTION - EROTIC MAGIC - FEMALE DOMINATION - SLUT TRAINING - ANAL TRAINING - ASS FINGERING - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - HUMILIATION - BETRAYAL - FEMDOM - EYEGLASSES

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