Sissy Cuck Husband Seals The Deal

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added on 24 November 2014

Ever since we left the altar and crossed the threshold, our marriage has been a massive disappointment. Take our wedding night for example. Some "honeymoon" that turned out to be. Your rinky-dink endowment was so small I could barely feel it. I've used face-creams that penetrate deeper than you. This bullshit charade ends now. You're no longer the man of the house. I have NEEDS, damnit, and I will see them fulfilled. If you want any part in my sex life from now on, you have to do as I say. First, take off your clothing and put on these lady's undergarments. See how tightly it fits your bottom? That's to make sure you keep this sizable butt-plug in at all times. Don't worry. You'll get used to it. Now you see that dildo on the table over there? Kneel in front of it and practice your cocksucking skills. See, I'm going back to the dating scene. I'm going to tart myself up, hit the bars, find me a nice young hung stud, bring him back to our place, and let him lay a yard of dick on me. It's been too long since I had a good and proper fucking. You, my little-dick loser, can sit in the corner and just watch us go at it. Oh, that thought excites you? Well, I better put that teeny weenie in a cock cage! No ruining my date night with your pitiful wanking. I think you'll make a good fluffer for my new lovers. I'll make you use your mouth on their cocks, balls, and asses to make sure they're hard as granite before you tuck them into my pussy yourself. I should mention that the ONLY way you're EVER going to see my pussy or tits ever again is if a handsome fellow with a big meaty dick is plowing me in our marriage bed, or if you're cleaning his load out of my pussy. You like to eat pussy right? Well, think of it as pussy plus a little extra. You'll learn to love the taste soon enough. As for your orgasms, you can jerk off once I send the stud home - but only if you're wearing your panty, girdle, bra, and butt plug, while sucking that dildo, and watching a special porn montage I made just for you. It's 60 minutes of solo male scenes. All of them are exquisitely hung and cum like stallions in heat. Now, let's begin your training, shall we?

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