Mother's Milk For My Precious Daughter

Category: Nursing

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added on 13 April 2015

I'm a little worried about my daughter's development. She's fully grown, and yet, I still can't seem to wean her from breastfeeding. Not that I mind too much - I do enjoy keeping her so close. But what if her friends at school were to find out? Surely nursing this long isn't normal. Oh well. What's a mother to do? When she begs for milk, I can't help but give in! I let her lie across my lap and pull out my huge engorged tits. Her mouth feels amazing against my sensitive nipples, I end up moaning despite myself. She's always so greedy to drink my milk and sucks as hard as she can. I feel a flush of shame as my pussy gets wet underneath my skirt. I remind myself that this is a natural thing and give into the pleasure of my daughter's soft, warm mouth. Occasionally I tease her with the nipple, squirting a little milk onto her eager tongue. TABOO - MOTHER/DAUGHTER ROLE PLAY - LACTATION - ADULT BREASTFEEDING - AGE REGRESSION - LESBIAN - TIT SUCKING -MILF - BIG TITS

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