Girls Makeout Outdoors

Category: Lesbian

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added on 17 June 2015

I love kissing my friend, Randy. Her lips are so soft, and her tongue is almost as long as mine, and very delicious. We love sloppy kisses, and when we french kiss, we make our tongues as wet as possible. I love the little strings of spit that connect my mouth to hers when I pull away. After a while, we get so turned on, we pull each other's breasts out of our sundresses. I lick her nipples with flicks of my tongue, and she nibbles on mine until she drives me crazy with desire. We tease each other until our lips, necks, tits, and nipples are slick and wet with spit. KISSING - LESBIAN - GIRL-GIRL - TONGUE FETISH - BIG TITS - OUTDOORS - TOPLESS - NIPPLE PLAY - NIPPLE SUCKING - BLONDE - BRUNETTE

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