Molested By My Best Friends

Category: Lesbian

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added on 21 January 2015

My friends Kym and Randy are pretty crazy chicks. I had no idea just how raucous and horny they were until I invited them over for a sleepover. I pulled out a board game for us to play. As it turns out, the two of them would rather play with my hot little body! They are in such a hurry to get me naked, they rip the very clothing from my body. My shirt, pants, and pink lace panties all get shredded to bits! Once I am naked, they rip off their own clothing, and we tangle in a naked pile of girl-flesh. The two of them gang up on me, each taking one of my tits in their mouths, and playing with my pussy, until I explode right there on the carpet amid our ruined clothing. CLOTHING DESTRUCTION - LESBIAN - TIT SUCKING - WRESTLING - PANTYHOSE RIPPING - UNDERWEAR AND BRA RIPPING - CAT FIGHT - GIRL ON GIRL THREESOME

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