You Don't Measure Up

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added on 11 March 2015

You can't seem to get it through your thick head that your "third leg" more closely resembles a third nipple. Let's do a side by side comparison, shall we? My beautiful 9 inch cock is thicker than my wrist and makes women sigh with delight at the very sight of it. Your puny pecker wouldn't satisfy a female lab rat. Jerk your prick while I stroke mine, and look at the difference. I can use both hands simultaneously on my shaft and have room to spare. You can barely manage your thumb and forefinger onto your dinky winky. It's so thin, my index finger has more satisfying dimensions. Too bad, so sad. I've had far more pussy than you'll ever see in your life. Enjoy the feel of your hand, little man. It's the only skin you're ever going to get to enjoy. Jerk the teeny weeny, loser. Don't stare at my cleavage. You don't get to look at titties. Stare right here at my thick, meaty tool. Since you don't have a real cock of your own, I'll just have to teach you how to respect your betters. Keep your eyes on my dick, or I won't let you cum. Now do you see what I mean when I say you don't measure up? SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - STRAP-ON - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JERK-OFF INSTRUCTION - JOI - HUMILIATION - BODY PART COMPARISON - CORSET - BRUNETTE - BIG TITS - COCK WORSHIP - BISEXUAL TRAINING

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