Not Big Enough For Me

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added on 25 March 2015

You and I have been dating for a few weeks now, right? You're so nice to buy me dinner. That restaurant is my favorite - even though it is the most expensive in town! And the flowers and gifts you've been giving me are so sweet. Really, thank you. You're such a nice guy . . . But I have something I need to tell you: I need to break up with you. Don't get me wrong, you're a totally sweet dude. Any woman would be lucky to have you. However, you're just not doing it for me in the sex department. Your cock just isn't big enough to please me. Aww, you look so sad. Don't try to convince me otherwise. I've already met someone else. He had pictures of his huge dick on his dating profile, so I knew I'd be getting something good when I answered his booty call. Of course he's a total douchebag, but he makes me feel sooooo much better than you can. In fact, I'm supposed to be headed over to his house right now. I told him I'd be over to fuck after you took me out to dinner and I finished breaking up with you. You were probably expecting to get laid, huh? OK, fine, I guess you can jerk off to the sight of my tits one more time. Hurry up though. I'm getting bored. I don't have all night. I have a 9 inch monster waiting for me across town. Well, are you going to cum or what? SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - ARROGANT FEMALE - HUMILIATION - IGNORE - BIG TITS - FEMDOM POV

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