Shy Stepmom Spread And Examined In Front Of Son

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added on 17 November 2016

It's time for my yearly gynecological exam, son.  Don't worry.  These types of visits are routine.  Just sit over there and behave yourself while the doctor is giving me a check up.  I don't want you out in the waiting room by yourself.  

Wait a minute, this isn't my usual female doctor!  I know there are male gynecologists, but I don't think I'm comfortable with this substitution one bit.  Oh well, just bring in a privacy screen, Doctor, and we'll get this examination over with.  WHAT?  What do you mean you don't have any screens left?!  I know I'm supposed to take off all my clothing, but can I at least keep my gown on, for the sake of my son?  You mean I have to take off . . . EVERYTHING?

Oh, dear.  Don't look, son.  I'm so embarrassed.  I don't know how I'm going to keep my modesty like this.  Son, stop looking!  Please stop staring at me while I go through this very personal medical procedure.  I'm your stepmom, after all.  Stop grinning at me like that!  You wipe that smile off your face right now!  Oh, no, you've seen it all, I'm afraid.  My hands aren't enough to hide my shame.

Doctor, wait, do you really intend to stick your fingers inside me now?  I've suffered enough indignity, don't you think?  Your fingers are so deep inside me.  I can't help but moan a little.  You heard that, didn't you, son.  I can tell from the look in your eyes and the bulge in your pants.  I wish you'd stop watching me, but there's nothing I can do now.  The doctor is probing me so intensely, I couldn't get up if I wanted to.  I'm weak in the knees with pleasure.  I can't believe my stepson is going to see spread naked on a table with my ass in the air.  Oh, no, son, please look away, I beg you!  I'm going to cum any second now!

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