Milking My Brother’s Huge Balls

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What are you still doing in bed, big brother? What’s that in your lap under there . . . Oh my god, your balls are HUGE! I know what this is. You have blueballs so bad, it might be a medical emergency! We have to drain them this instant.

Of course I’m going to help. I don’t want to have to sit in the E.R. with you and Mom for the rest of the afternoon. I’ll just use my hand like this. I promise you’ll like it, and you’ll feel so much better once you release that huge load of cum.

Hmm, you wouldn’t mind if I hopped on your hard cock for a minute would you? I have to admit, the thought of your throbbing, swollen dick inside me is making me wet. I’ll just ride it for a little bit. Mmmm, maybe just a little bit longer. Make sure you tell me when you’re getting close to cumming, though. I mean, I am your sister after all. You really shouldn’t cum inside me . . .

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