Mom Loves Your Little Wee Wee

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Hello my little boy. Come to M0mmy! Hmm, why is your diaper sitting so funny on your bum? Is it wet? No, it’s not wet. Hmm, I better take off the tapes and find out . . . oh look at that! Your little pee-pee is standing up! Proud little wee-wee, isn’t he. Well, your diaper isn’t going to fit on you properly unless we can get Mr. pee-pee to calm down again. The best way to do that is to give him a rub. Now, I know you like it best when M0mmy rubs him for you, but you have to learn to do this yourself. Don’t complain, baby. If you can rub Mr. pee-pee for me until he spooges, I will give you a special treat. You can have some extra milk! My boobies are very heavy today. There’s lots of milk for a good little boy. I would hate to see all this delicious milk go to waste. Come on, son, play with your wee-wee for M0mmy. Make him spurt! Then we can put a nice new diaper on you, too.

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