My Brother Came Inside Me!

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(This video is a sequel to Milking My Brother’s Huge Balls” and “Riding My Brother’s Swollen Cock” Enjoy them all together for the ultimate taboo experience!)

I swear, bro, you’re like some kind of cum machine. No matter how many times I help you drain your swollen balls, they’re heavy with sperm again just hours later. Oh, you want my help again? Well, I don’t know. Last time I let you fuck me, you came inside me – even though I told you not to. If you promise not to do that again this time, and promise to pull out before you cum, I’ll let you fuck my tight, wet pussy.

Oh my god, you’re so hard today. You look even bigger than usual. Wow, I don’t know if I can fit you inside me. Be gentle. I’ll try to slide you in . . .

Your cock is so thick it’s really stretching my pussy. Mmm, it almost hurts, but I actually really like it. Fuck me deep! Give me every inch of your thick, throbbing meat! Are you still getting harder? It feels like you’re swelling inside me even more. Oh no . . . you’re too big too pull out! You’re stuck inside me! I guess there’s nothing I can do but let you cum inside me! It’s going to be a huge load, too . . .

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