Sister Strokes You Under The Covers

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Pssst. Wake up, bro. But stay quiet. I don’t want to wake up Mom and Dad yet. I have a question for you. Yesterday, in health class, we learned about boy’s anatomy. My teacher said that boys usually wake up with something called “morning wood.” Is that true? I just barely woke you up, so do you have a boner right now? Let me see . . . pull back those covers . . . don’t be weird about it, I’m just your sister.

Oh my gosh, you DO have morning wood! It does exist! Haha! So what do you do when you wake up with a boner like that? Rub one, out? Huh? What’s that? Show me what you mean. Ooh, that looks like fun. Can I try? Let me rubbing your dick for you. How does that feel? Am I doing it right? I bet I can make you cum like this, right under the covers. . . .

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